The boat on the right is doing it…right

The shape of a wing is key to producing lift.

So it is for a sail because, as you may have heard, the sail is a wing.

Unlike airplane wings, conventional sails are made of flexible materials, because it’s lighter and it’s nice to be able to fold them up…

Sounder — noun — from the French sonde: a probe.

Does your depth sounder tell you the depth of the water? It might. But is that the number you need?

Unless calibrated with an offset, your depth sounder merely tells you the distance between the transducer and the seabed. …

In a jam? Try a rolling hitch.

Imagine you are grinding in on a jib sheet. Just as the jib comes perfectly taught, you look down and realize you have a deep override on the winch. You yank the tail to free it, but the tail has buried itself under…

Why Living on a Sailboat in a Marina is Great for Fitness

I know it’s obvious, but boats aren’t usually located on land. Would you have guessed that living on a boat, on the water, has meant walking hundreds of more miles each year than had I lived ashore? …

The Points of Sail

Anytime there is air moving over a boat, it is on a point of sail. You may have heard of some of these:

Head to Wind

Close Hauled

Close Reach

Beam Reach

Broad Reach

Dead Down Wind

Why are these important? Most importantly, the direction the…

If you are like I was, you may feel daunted by the complex maneuvering a sailboat undertakes in the completion of something like the person overboard maneuver. You would be right. It’s a complex maneuver in every sense. But, like all complex things, it is reducible to simpler components. Remember…

Those who are out there are not here.

You will not see billboards or ads portraying a down-to-earth, affordable sailing lifestyle. It won’t come up on the news, and unless you are already immersed in the sailing world, no one will bring it up over dinner. That’s because there are no big budgets behind it, and it…

Hmmm, not the comparison I intended

If you have watched the America’s Cup in recent years or have been following the developments in hyrdo-foils, you may not be surprised at the comparison. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of an aviation buff, but I think there may be a different and useful comparison to draw. Consider…

A bit of rope (line) is a raw material, like iron, that is just waiting to be forged into a tool. The forging process is arranging the line into a particular configuration, i.e., the tying of a knot. Precisely what your intended application is will determine what knot you bend…

Everyone asks me the same question.

When someone becomes aware that I live on a sailboat, invariably the next question is “how big is it?”.

When discussing someone’s plans to buy a boat or to live on a boat, I find they often have a size in mind. And if…

Brian Cline

US Sailing Cruising Instructor, high-speed ferry captain, long-distance singlehanded sailor.

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